“Dying to Live is a mindful journey of good versus evil and the ethical Mr. Spock dilemma, elevating the needs of the many by extinguishing lives of the few.”

George Baxter-Holder

Author of Drugs, Food, Sex and God and Actor on Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Dying To Live took me by surprise in its cinematic scope of a future world – a world that really could be our own if the lessons of the past cannot be learned. L.J. Dionne’s unique voice beautifully blends metaphysical concepts with the cold, hard reality of a post-nuclear world. As with all books whose characters touch my heart and become my friends, I found myself slowing down at the end so as to keep our precious little time together for as long as possible.”

David Tillman

Screenwriter, Director, Producer and Distinguished Psychic

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The Characters

Meet the 3 generations involved in the story. Make them come to life!

Dying to Live’s FIRST BOOK CLUB!! The wonderful people on Isles of Capri, Florida had me on speakerphone at their latest Book Club meeting. Great questions were asked, and it felt good to be pushed for Books 2 & 3 already!! Thanks everyone.

History Echoes the Future

If given reliable prophetic knowledge, would you commit murder if it meant saving the world?

Grandfather, Cameron Thorpe, works tirelessly to prepare his grandson, Lachlan, for a monumental battle against evil. This malevolent force Lachlan will face thinks nothing of genocide, the rape and brutality of young women, and the poisoning of his devoted mother who spoiled and nurtured him into adulthood. Following World War IV, Cameron has survived two nuclear holocausts, witnessed the annihilation of his native country, and participated in prophetic reform using unorthodox, and possibly unethical, methods. Although Lachlan could never have imagined the story that would unfold, or the family secrets revealed, Cameron perseveres in ensuring his grandson has the knowledge and know-how to combat man’s inhumanity to man.

The Series

“Dying to Live”

“Porcelain Minds”

Book 3 – “Untitled”