Meet The Characters
Dying To Live (as they appear)

Tainted Beginnings

DTL - Tainted BeginningsCameron – (aka “Nandy” to his grandson) Grandfather to Lachlan, Kaikoura, NZ

Lachlan – (aka “Buds” to his grandfather) Grandson to Cameron, Kaikoura, NZ

Aerin – Born in Iran, moved to Iraq as an infant; then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia as a youngster; later settled in Kaikoura, NZ as a teenager. Younger sibling to older brothers, Tanid, by two years, and identical twins, Balic & Rami, by one year. Parents are Saroya & Ari. Aerin has many secrets . . .

al Din – Fanatical terrorist group unified worldwide under their caliph, Qeb al-Husri

Saroya – Aerin’s Mama

Tanid – Aerin’s oldest brother (two years older than Aerin)

Balic – Aerin’s middle brother; identical twin to Rami (one year older than Aerin)

Rami – Aerin’s middle brother; identical twin to Balic (one year older than Aerin)

Ari – Aerin’s Papa

Uncle Isaac – Aerin’s Uncle, Ari’s brother, Kaikoura, NZ

Auntie Clara – Aerin’s Aunt, Isaac’s wife, Kaikoura, NZ

Press The “Red Buttons”

nonameDeek – Gridiron NFL player for the Nebraska Caribou, husband to Lourdes, ex-member of the Atlanta, Georgia gang, The Predators (rivals of The Skinheads), Lompoc tribe member

Lourdes – Wife to Deek

Terrence – Deceased brother of Deek

Wandra – Older sister to Lourdes

Robyn Stroud – Tanid’s high school girlfriend

Bogdan Kozlov – KGB spy, Moscow, Russia; Father to Sasha

Qeb al-Husri – Caliph of the brutal, fanatical terrorist group, al Din

Mu’mad – (Formal name, Muhammad), son to Maktan; born in Syria and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia as an infant; alias Turkish name Zeren Killic

Maktan – Mother to Mu’mad; alias Turkish name Yonca Killic

Irshad – Acquaintance of Maktan’s from New Westminster

Sly – Lompoc tribe member with Deek

Chandra – Lompoc tribe member with Deek

Sasha – Daughter to Kozlov

Abbud al-Ypaaht – (aka “the Beast” and “the Anti-Christ”) Prophesised instigator of Worldwide War III; idol to Qeb al-Husri

Brittany – Aerin’s high school girlfriend

Death Beckons

DTL - Death BeckonsBarry O’Malley – Prior inhabitant of Reaper Island; owner of the abandoned journals found by Deek and Sly

Pete Whibley – Neighbour of Isaac & Clara

Kendall – Aerin’s eldest cousin (two years older than Tanid), son of Isaac & Clara

Quentin – Aerin’s middle cousin (same age as Tanid), son of Isaac & Clara

Evan – Aerin’s youngest cousin (two years younger than Aerin), son of Isaac & Clara

All Blacks & Scrum – The Whibley’s border collies

Harrison Whibley – Pete’s & Victoria’s youngest son (one year younger than Aerin, one year older than Aerin’s cousin, Evan)

Victoria Whibley – Pete’s wife, mother to Harrison & Tucker

Tucker Whibley – Pete’s & Victoria’s eldest son (same age as the twins, Balic & Rami)

President Walker – President of the United States of America when Aerin moved to Kaikoura, NZ

Hope Swells

DTL - Hope SwellsAhmed – Aerin’s attacker

Joan of Arc, Lizzie Borden & Marie Antoinette – O’Malley’s beloved great white sharks; Joan of Arc, haunting doll eyes and always lurking several feet below the surface of the ocean; Lizzie Borden, dorsal fin terribly scarred as if someone had taken an axe to it; and Marie Antoinette, attacks vertically beheading her victims (or removing any outreached limb beyond a boat’s border)

Inferno Killer – Kaikoura serial killer

Constable Kyle Kittelty – Police Constable for Kaikoura territory

Dr. Zetterberg – Doctor overseeing the “Body Farm” at Kaikoura’s South Peninsula “Think Tank”

Ryu Byung Hyun – Nicknamed Little Lou by the hospital staff; Aerin’s cherished South Korean patient

Oswald – Captain of the Antarctica III submarine

Trigg Ellestad – Norwegian-born Prime Minister of Dutch Nederland

Officer Sullivan – Nicknamed “Sully,” one of Oswald’s crewmembers

Dawn Breaks

DTL - Dawn BreaksBen Pickersgill – Inferno Killer’s seventh victim; Ben was a chronic abuser of women and helpless seal pups

Deidre Kittelty – Constable Kyle Kittelty’s wife

Tess – Lompoc tribe member with Deek

Justin – Aerin’s son

Hauku – Tanid’s later love (Maori descendant)

Hannah – Deceased wife of Oswald

Nathan – Deceased son of Oswald

Nina, Mickey & Zack – Citizens of Kaikoura, at a town meeting with Oswald

Clandestine Justice

DTL - Clandestine JusticeSean Ulmer – Prime Minister of Canada

Chance – Justin’s wife

Joseph R. Smith – (aka “The Christian” and “J.R.”) Rapist and murderer housed within Amsterdam, Nederland

Vera – Sly’s wife; earlier Lompoc tribe member with Deek

Gabriel – Sly & Vera’s grandson

Nikki – Tucker Whibley’s wife

Craig Whibley – Tucker and Nikki’s son

Beth – Maktan’s “infidel” best friend, Vancouver, CN

Baker – Constable with the Kaikoura police

Hailee Kittelty – Lachlan’s girlfriend, Kyle Kittelty’s granddaughter

Ripple Effects

DTL - Ripple EffectJacqui Kittelty – Hailee’s younger sister, Kyle Kittelty’s granddaughter

Mr. Hansen – Tribune elder

Danielle Hansen – Mr. Hansen’s daughter

Mr. Nasland – Tribune elder

Kiera Nasland – Mr. Nasland’s oldest daughter

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