The Series

“Dying to Live”

History Echoes the Future

If given reliable prophetic knowledge, would you commit murder if it meant saving the world?

Grandfather, Cameron Thorpe, works tirelessly to prepare his grandson, Lachlan, for a monumental battle against evil. This malevolent force Lachlan will face thinks nothing of genocide, the rape and brutality of young women, and the poisoning of his devoted mother who spoiled and nurtured him into adulthood. Following World War IV, Cameron has survived two nuclear holocausts, witnessed the annihilation of his native country, and participated in prophetic reform using unorthodox, and possibly unethical, methods. Although Lachlan could never have imagined the story that would unfold, or the family secrets revealed, Cameron perseveres in ensuring his grandson has the knowledge and know-how to combat man’s inhumanity to man.

“Porcelain Minds”

Echoes of Broken Dreams

One of our biggest challenges Lachlan has foreseen will be to cease the stinging blows delivered by al Din. Perhaps the pure-at-heart will thwart al Din’s machinations during their recruitment of vulnerable, troubled prisoners and teenagers. Lachlan pleads for those hopeless souls to pay attention.

“For those unfortunates who were raised with abuse or misfortune, believe there is a better life ahead. Do not be lured into a hate-infested nest of fanatical pestilence. Someday the very jihad you fight for will be the jihad declared against you by your mentors. Betrayal amongst these vile, bigoted racists is common practice. Break free of your fragile pasts, letting hopes and dreams re-enter your hearts. Do not allow the cycle of cruel mistreatment to perpetuate. For those fortunate enough to dodge abuse during their formative years, pay attention to those seemingly forgotten, battered souls hiding in the shadows. Overnight these fragile, broken children just might become tomorrow’s heroes.”

“Book 3 – Untitled”

The saga continues…